JOHN STEUART CURRY ART – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

I went to school within the early and who came here with a group of graduate students from the Cougars channel graduate program are the State University College of New York to work all deals with with a couple of full-fledged conservatives working as their supervisors the murals in Corrigan horrible condition they were very bad due to damage panel damage just everyday use but also quite badly damaged by leaking pipes plumbing ball there was a leak in the below a toilet room was a drinking.

Fountain or big tripping within Fourier damage there was a lab bench above I believe it was a lavage sink rather above the murals in this corner room and the conservators in any floor did a fabulous job we didn’t we first over it was so beautifully done that that’s named me zoom in pain in after many years of covering the girls that went farm hums do a lot of things were done well before we get into what we did who’s Jon Stewart Kurt was this guy he was a member of a group of artists.

working from about until well actually one of them well into the s call American regions they’re a group of artists really actively and quite verbally turned their backs on modernism and instead turned inward to the American landscape American life and the American of the heart grant and the three components were that’s on the right-hand side is there is chicken stir Korea left grant wood on the right and a very very quite a tough guy Thomas Hart Benton quite a great.

Fan of all three of them Grant Wood I mean you might not know his name you’ve always armed this is a little detail from a painting and at the Minneapolis Institute of arts it’s it is in its all the way while it represents the heartland and it’s very American it is quite abstract he had beautiful children.

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