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Basically just me as I did the main admin person selling and designing and that you know doing like the classic entrepreneur certain scenario where you’re doing everything all the time – [Music] yeah and so like it just feels so much more like things have a chance of succeeding when you start on it by that energy.

And people are similar passionate and so um yeah revoluciĆ³n that’s a that’s my company I’ll be there well we have all you guys businesses and everything in the show knows yeah great even Peter would suffer better and community of endurance athletes we have a guy named Kell.

He started a company called Kokopelli pack rafts yeah he it’s just it’s it’s pretty impressive like a zit on his own has basically figured out how to get these in really really nice high-quality professional rafts manufactured and distributed worldwide and it’s like I think it sells to someone bishop yeah I wouldn’t be surprised yeah they were really unfortunate to their rafts in a really popular documentary.

Where some guys rode their bikes across Mongolia and use that time and in fact they say who shot that film enjoyed Schuessler he’s gonna be providing so photography will have his photos framed and put up in the space so it’s all it’s all a community but I mean a couple others that come to mind there’s a there’s a company called iconic adventures wife in front I’ve worked for them before.

But they organize a bunch of really really cool and kind of top-notch like corporate travel yeah [Music] expeditions Chris the the other co-founder he started that but planet works within them she can talk about that yeah so um so yeah head of operations for once in expeditions I’m.

We do adventure travel expeditions all over the world and so the majority are hiking and trekking trips a couple biking trips um and yeah we work in seven different countries all over the world um and then % of all revenue from your trip goes towards micro financing in a country where you just took a trip um so we have a big focus on ya micro finance and investing in entrepreneurs which is all the more.

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